Good Landlordship Act (Wet goed verhuurderschap)

On 1 July 2023 the Good Landlordship Act entered into force. This law gives municipalities more powers to tackle undesirable practices on the rental market, such as housing discrimination, intimidation, unreasonable service costs and deposits that are excessively high.

What has changed for tenants?

Tenants are better protected and can submit complaints to their municipality. The Good Landlordship Act applies everywhere in the Netherlands.

What has changed for landlords?

Landlords need to respect the new rules on renting out accommodation.

What has changed for municipalities?

Municipalities are tasked with enforcing the rules and setting up reporting offices. They can also decide to introduce rental permits. The new rules for landlords and rental agencies relate to:

  • Tackling and preventing discrimination and intimidation
  • Ensuring deposits are no more than two months’ basic rent
  • Ensuring rental agreements are in writing
  • Making sure tenants know their rights and obligations concerning rented accommodation. Preventing unreasonable service costs
  • Introducing specific rules on renting to labour migrants
  • Checking with the municipality whether a rental permit is required.

Are you a tenant and want to submit your complaint?

Under the new law every municipality must have a hotline for complaints about landlords. Tenants as well as people who are searching for a rental property can file a complaint if the landlord is not abiding by the  rules of good landlordship as described above. Tenants who rent through a housing association can submit a complaint to the association renting out the property. The association will deal with the complaint itself. Filing the report is free of fees.

In case you prefer to check the information in a short video subtitled in several languages. try: Engels (English), Spaans (Español), Pools (Polski), Roemeens (Românâ) or  Bulgaars (български).

This is what you need to make a report

  • your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. You can also file a complaint anonymously. You will then not need to provide your details.
  • contact details for the landlord or the rental agency you are reporting
  • the address of the rental property
  • description of the situation, if possible with photos and supporting documents

 Make a report

You can make your formal complaints about your landlord by filling in an online form.

Need to know more?

Please check one of the sites below (in Dutch)

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